PGHR Is A Young Fellowship Formed Virtually For World WIde Recovery

Where to find it:  On Facebook or by emailing the emails below!  If you wish to join the Facebook Page it is very important that you answer the questions asked for approval.

PGHR Is a Newly Forming Recovery Fellowship for Compulsive Gamblers Initially starting on Line using virtual meetings. It's story is below and more details will be coming soon such as a meetings Page and More.  If you are on Facebook consider joining the closed group by making the request AND answering the Questions!

PGHR History:

​​The PGHR Fellowship existed as a dream that began in 2013, after encountering phone meetings and Facebook Groups. The journey of events, which eventually led to the formation of what we know today as PROBLEM GAMBLING HOPE & RECOVERY, was no mere coincidence.

Fast forward to July of 2017, a meeting took place between the founder of Problem Gambling Hope & Recovery and another suffering gambler who desperately needed meetings. This chance occurrence with her resulted in the sharing of the ZOOM platform. She had used this particular video conference in her vocation, and voiced optimism of the possibility it could work for recovery meetings.

On August 29, 2017, the platform launched in the United States, with unstructured meetings being conducted at any time of day or night. Meetings were connected to the Facebook Group, and Canada quickly joined. Before the end of the year, meetings were held whenever two or more problem gamblers decided to get together for the purpose of sharing and talking about recovery.

During 2018, the meetings on ZOOM started to develop some structure. By the end of the year the Facebook Group was connecting around the Globe to 35 countries and 14 territories, and problem gamblers were joining the meetings from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, India, and more.

Presently, we reach 50 countries, countless territories, 27 of the 35 time zones, and have representation on every continent. With more than 20 meetings, 7 days a week, they have become far more structured with regular chairpersons, topics, speakers, and even step meetings. Australia and Canada are hosting meetings and we are stretching into areas where no meetings exist or cannot be held due to safety issues.

From those early meetings over two years ago, where often only a few people (less than a handful) attended, we now have regular attendance of 10-20 problem gamblers at each and every meeting. The group is growing as more and more people are discovering recovery through our fellowship.

Welcome to the fellowship of Problem Gambling Hope & Recovery. We hope you find recovery from Problem Gambling as you connect with a group of people that share a common bond and a desire to stop gambling.

How To Join Or Get More Information:

On Facebook: Problem Gambling Hope & Recovery

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