An Opportunity To Add Your Thoughts And Ideas To The Dream

It is time for you to consider helping make the Vision a reality!  The link below is to the funding campaign for the first stage of development.

What Would Treatment Look Like?

‚ÄčThe vision of a treatment program for all addictions with special adjustments for each form as viewed by Bernie Zeitler is one where:

1.  Treatment includes more than the addict. It would include family, friends, employers and others.

2.  It would include a portion that helped counter costs through employment opportunities while in patient and a track to employment after treatment.

3.  Children would have therapy that included forms of Pet therapy.

4.  Housing would be available during recovery which kept families together as much as possible.

5.  The Treatment would ultimately be free to those receiving it through the work opportunities which would be tied to public services in the community.  One form would be that it be developed at a place where  tourism could be done as a part of the property. (Such things as using a place similar to one described later)

6.  The treatment would not end when the patient left the facility but be continued in several ways for the life of the patient.

Here are some thoughts on the types of concept development sites.

At one point I considered the concept applying to a place like Granot Loma where the potential is unbelievable!

Another possibility is using the many closed schools around the country, Resort places that have closed, places where entire towns have become 'ghost towns' and other places where there would be work for those in recovery while working through their treatment.

If you have more ideas for locations please share them by emailing me at:

The Vision And Dream

When I started my recovery it was a journey of discovery and challenges. I felt no one understood. My hope was in getting through the process.

In 2011 I began to work toward a dream. It involves making things better for the addict and everyone around them as they work toward recovery. From Detox to retraining their mind and body, I dream of a recovery program that is free to all and allows the addict to be part of the process through working within the 'community setting' of the treatment center.

‚ÄčThe slide show below is still being developed,but represents the vision of what it might look like.

Below is an article written about the Dream of 'Treatment For All': 'Hope For The Future" and The concepts behind the Dream.