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How To Win As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt:  This book is a workbook for those trying to understand addiction, the addict looking to find recovery and anyone else who is seeking to help someone they know who has an addiction.   Cover Price: 7.99  Your Price: $6.50

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Susan Zeitler's Books

It is finally Available!  The combined book of all  4 original books produced for those in recovery!

The Humorous Life:  A series of humorous jokes framed in the real life world.  Cover Price: $7.69  Your Price: $ 6.50

The Faith Collection: Retail Cost: $15.38 Individually Here: 13.00  Your Price: $10.00

The Path To​ Recovery Program:  ​This book is the combination of "How To WIn As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt"  And "The 30 Day Detox For Gamblers".

Cover Price:  $10.25  Your Price: $8.50

The Life Recovery Journal:  Want help keeping up the process of change?  This book is a Journal where you have a 'Thought For The Day" to write on for each day .

​Cover Price: $12.50  Your Price: $9.50

The Recovery Collection:  Discounted for those who want the set and want to save more!   Retail Cover Cost: $37.50  Individually Here: $29.00  Your Price: $25.00

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The 30 Day 'Detox' For Gamblers: ​ This is a companion book to 'How To Win As A High Roller While Losing Your Shirt" but can be used as a stand alone to change the addict thought Process.  Cover Price: $7.69  Your Price: $6.50

After Detox: The next 90 Days:  This is an extension of the 'detox process' started by "The 30 Day Detox for Gamblers" which is intended to keep the addict on track.

​Both books have value for any addict in recovery.  Cover Price: $9.50  Your Price: $6.50

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Disclaimer: Any Product ordered here may take up to 8 weeks for delivery.  This is due to "on Demand" ordering from printers and then extra delivery time.

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Why ME?:  Life Experiences of Bernard Zeitler start this book out and then it all changes.  In an attempt to explain how God used those experiences lovingly to make him who he is, He looks at them through 1 Corinthians 13 also known as 'The Love Chapter".   Cover Price:  $8.00  our Price:  $6.50

​I Am James: The Book Of James Brought To Life:  This book is an example of how to make the Bible personal to you.

Both "Why Me?"  and "I Am James: The Book Of James Brought To Life "are valuable Studies of Scripture.   Cover Price:  $7.69   Your Price: $6.50

Complete Set:  Cover Cost: $71.31  Individually here: $57.00  Your Price:  $48.00

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