​​Recovery Books Written By Bernard Zeitler

The books Below are intended to help gain an understanding of Compulsive gambling and help those who desire to stop achieve that goal.  

With all of the books comes the opportunity to interact with others. If you are reading something and want to ask a question or interact with the author on Facebook contact him through the 'Contact' Page and he will respond with a way to join a group that is by invitation only tied to recovery.

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If you are A Support Person For A Compulsive Gambler and would like a place to talk with others who are dealing with a loved one There is a place for you to interact and get support. Stand Tall Recovery Services has a 'Secret' Group on Facebook for you. 

If You are a Compulsive Gambler who wants recovery There is a separate 'Secret' Group on Facebook You can find Resources and support there.

To be connected to these FREE places to get support and resources please fill out the form below and You will be contacted and connected with the appropriate group.

If You simply want to ask a question feel free to contact Stand Tall Recovery Services As well. We will get back with you and try to answer the question.

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