Much of what is provided here is free and intended to help others. While the services and other things are free, keeping this site available is not without costs. That is where I as the founder could use help. If this site or the services found here have benefited you or someone you know consider contributing to it's survival.

Below this message will be Email addresses to contact or contribute through PayPal.  I have reluctantly added this because without help I may have to close the site and stop doing what I do. Here are ways you can help.

1. Purchase books written by me.

2. Set up a speaking engagement either virtual or live.

3.  Share it with others who are in need and could be helped by what is offered here.

4. Contribute.

Why should you help this page?

If you want to help people with addictions get this material then it needs to be supported for future generations. Without support it will be difficult to keep going and may have to close due to the limited resources of it's founder who cannot afford to keep it alive.  Despite not having the funds I have kept it going for several years now but have not kept up some things necessary to keep it open for the long term. Each year and throughout the year I consider closing it down due to lack of financial resources.

What is My story?

My name is Bernie and I am a compulsive gambler.  My last bet was November 21, 2007. Since that time I have worked through the early days of my recovery and moved forward to acting on Step 12 which says:


"Having made an effort to practice these principles in all our affairs, we tried to carry this message to other Compulsive Gamblers."

This is not to say that I am not still doing every step daily but rather practicing them daily.  

My addiction took me down a path of great pain and destruction so in my recovery I want to build a system of help for others.  I can't do that alone.  A more detailed description of my story can be found at the link below

You will be able to see my blog posts as well and see what I've been doing for several years. For this page and the services provided to continue I need your help.

The donations will be used to get certifications, keep the site open and provide services to as many people as can be done through this site and Facebook pages where Virtual meetings are available.  It costs Over $600 a year just to maintain the Services as is but it can be improved. To expand and provide the services offered properly takes far more than just basic survival for the site and that's where you come in.  Your contributions could be the difference between serving others and a services disappearing that can make a difference.

Stand Tall Recovery Services Offers services free in many cases and needs your help to keep it available.  It is not cheap to keep the site and services available so if you have been helped or want to help consider a donation using the button below.  Every penny helps keep the services available. There are books for sale here that also help support the site and the many activities of the author as well

Places available on Facebook

1. Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect   This is a place to find others like yourself who are struggling to find recovery.  It has Virtual meetings for those who are members.  

2.  RAP (Relapse Awareness Prevention) This is a place for Compulsive Gamblers to find daily encouragement and work on changing the mindset of Compulsive Gambling. It has posts tied to the concept in the 30 Day Detox ( a book by the page founder)

3.  Recovery For Loved Ones Of Compulsive Gamblers  If you have a Compulsive Gambler that you are struggling with and would like to have a place to interact with others going through the same things, this page is for you.  It is for those who are trying to help someone in their environment who is either actively Gambling or is working recovery.(virtual meetings available soon)

4.  GROW Gambling Recovery Of Women)  If you are a woman seeking recovery and want to talk with other women who are struggling without male influence, this is the place for you. It is all women in recovery. (virtual meetings available)  cgrhc@standtallrecoveryservices.

To Support any or all of these groups via donations or simply to get approval/ contact the administrator of any of these groups use the emails behind the group listing. 


Stand Tall Recovery Services Needs Your Help