Hello. My name is Bernard Zeitler and I am the man behind Stand Tall Recovery Services.  I started my recovery on November 21, 2007 and since that time have written books, created this website, started Facebook groups with virtual meetings and more. Below you will find links to the Facebook pages as well as emails to help with the screening process to get into them. The reason for the screening process is to protect the members from people with motives contrary to the purpose of these pages. On the pages of this website you will find many resources as well as my story. 

This 'Donate page' has been added to allow those who wish to help fund the programs and contribute to the dream put forth on this page to do so. The emails provided are also available for making donations through PayPal to help support the Zoom meetings, page and all services provided. 

While I am the person who started this page and the things found here, I am of limited means.  It is my dream to someday grow this into something more and be able to hand it over to a new generation to manage. This dream includes someday having it available as a business that employs others and provides even more services.  

Stand Tall Recovery Services is not a For profit but it is also not a non profit. It is simply a name for the services and page created.  Although it is hoped that someday it will be a Non Profit with a more formal structure.