Free Peer Counseling  ‚Äč

Are you in recovery and want help through counseling? Stand Tall Recovery Services now offers Video Counseling for those who are interested.  Here are the guidelines for those who accept it:

  • This free service is not professional counseling and as such does not hold the counselor liable for any negative outcome or action taken by the person accepting it.
  • All discussions between Counselor and Client are held to Confidentiality of the Individuals involved with the exception of situations which could result in harm to the Client or others.  It also does not provide protection from admission to specific crimes.
  • The Client agrees to release Name, contact information and location to Counselor for the purpose of getting help for the client in the event that self harm or harm to others comes into play.
  • No payment will be required or suggested (however free will donations will be allowed).
  • Upon accepting service, Client will commit to be at sessions on time unless a situation arises that was not known in advance and was out of the control of the client.
  • A private information form will be filled out and submitted before first session unless circumstances prevent it.

This information is a work in progress but the service is available now.

To request further information please use contact form below or email Stand Tall Recovery Services at: