Stand Tall Recovery Services Is not for the profit of it's founder but also is not designated as a Non Profit.  As a result it depends on the support of others in several ways.

Before going into the reason for this page I will tell you my story:

My name is Bernard Zeitler and I am a recovering compulsive gambler. I do not expect to ever be completely healed as this disease requires continual vigilance and treatment.

My last bet was November 21, 2007 and since then I have fought to remain clean by developing tools and sharing my story with others. Part of that process took me through a divorce and brought a woman into my life who is now my wife. (all happened after I started the recovery process)

Since beginning the journey I have focused on spreading the word of recovery. I have also had several health issues which prevent me from regular work. If you would like to hear my whole story just ask and I'll share it from marbles on the playground to the last bet in 2007.

The purpose of this page is to encourage people to help keep this site available and expand the ways in which it helps others. Below are ways you can help.

Here are ways you can help keep Stand Tall Recovery Services Available for others.

1.  Share your story with others and let them know that Stand Tall Recovery Services is here.

2.  Purchase books to help pay for the site upkeep.

3.  Donate to the cause much like you would for GA, NA, AA or other programs that are available to help others through contributions.  Contact Stand Tall Recovery Services for ways to donate.

The books are for the purpose of keeping services available for those who can't afford them.

If the material funding the site grows it will expand the services. Some services that are hoped for are:

  1. Online treatment services.
  2. In Patient and out Patient treatment.
  3. Support services for those affected by addiction.

All of these services are desired to be provided in the future at no cost to the addict or those who need the support as a result of someone in their lives who is an addict.

Ways To Help Stand Tall Recovery Services Grow