Stand Tall Recovery Services is proud to announce it's support of and Cross- promotional efforts with  RemodyBlox  to advance greater strategic support services and collaborative educational addiction recovery efforts across the the USA, Canada and on a global scale - concerning Compulsive Gambling and those adversely affected (directly/ indirectly) by the Progressive nature of this serious and devastating behavior addiction.


RemedyBlox  was officially launched back in 2014- founded by "Remedy' Max' to help dispel the negative stigma, social biases and common misconceptions held by society about various behavior addictions - specifically Compulsive Gambling. Applying her Master's degree, formal training, work experience and subject matter expertise in Behavioral Sciences, Criminology, Law, Ethics, Bioethics, Addiction Studies and Emergency Management - Remedy Max helps to educate, inform and positively empower survivors of trauma, those battling behavior addiction(s) as well as members of the general public to best identify, mitigate, respond, recover and guard against specific risk exposures and other adverse situational life events. Through her work she also came to develop the"Fractured Psyche Recovery Model" that builds on current conventional recovery programs to successfully help those struggling with urges to recognize their behavior addiction as a symptom of a deeper underlying root cause needing to be fixed and healed to end the cycle of relapse as well as help prevent the occurrence of comorbidity and/ or vice transference to other forms of high risk behavior addictions. To learn more about this progressive Recovery Model  Click here. 

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For more information about programs or services offered please visit the RemedyBlox Website or contact by email at:

RemedyBlox also offers the "Buddy Line" -- direct access to confidentiaphone advisory sessions viaClick4Advisor

The National Council on Problem Gambling was founded in 1972 by MSGR. Joseph A Dunne and Dr. Robert Custer, among others. From the outset the Council established two principles that remain today: that the organization would be the advocate for problem gamblers and their families and that it would take no position for or against legalized gambling.  This stance is encompassed today in our vision and Mission statement. 


Purpose:  To serve as the national advocate for programs and services to assist people and families affected by problem gambling.

Vision:  To improve health and wellness by reducing the personal, social and economic costs of problem gambling.

Mission:  To lead state and national stakeholders in the development of comprehensive policy and programs for all those affected by problem gambling.


Neutrality: We do not take a position for or against legalized gambling. We advocate solely for those affected by problem gambling.

Collaboration: We believe that our mission is best served by the collaborative action of a broad range of people and organizations.

.Respect:  We will treat all those affected by problem gambling and all stakeholders with respect.


We will strive to be an objective, accurate and reliable source of information for all those concerned with problem Gambling

For more information Visit NCPG

The Story Of Passenger

Passenger is a new kind of support system based in Detroit, Mi.  Our ambition is to make free resources more accessible to those navigating the daily anxieties that accompany traveling in recovery.  Whether it's transportation to a meeting, a safe space beyond the green room, or our Compass interactive meeting database, we want you to know you're not alone. Passenger can help.

1. a problem:

about three years ago, a few musicians realized there was a huge piece missing for travelers in recovery - resources.  

Why was there no centralized location for quick, easy information? And where was the crucial support network while on the road?

Schedules change every day, transportation is unreliable, and recovery meeting are often out of reach or missing entirely. For some of us, it can be an overwhelming journey, and what we really need is some quiet time alone.

2. an inspiration

While it seemed a daunting task, we at passenger set out to create that network and provide easy access to help those in need when their usual support systems are miles away. We wanted something rooted in 12 - step recovery structure, but that welcomed anyone and everyone seeking help and respite in the road. Our primary purpose would be to support all who wish to achieve or maintain sobriety, and to embrace all faiths, creeds, colors and walks of life. We just wanted to provide support, period.

3. a solution

And now, three years later, we have a few solutions for you.  Our first one to come along was the 'Clean Green Room' project.  With it we started offering free transportation to meetings for folks just passing through our hometown of Detroit. The next exciting step for us was to begin hosting artists such as Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) and Brett Nelson (Built To Spill) to perform and share their struggles with addiction and recovery.  Our community alongside a message of hope and support.

The next year, we hope to extend our reach by providing resources for those beyond Detroit.  We recently launched Compass - an interactive national meeting database and finder tool for major metropolitan areas.  The Compass database currently contains over 14,000 meetings spanning multiple cities across the country.  Our database is not exclusive to AA or NA and includes locations for Buddhist recovery (Refuge) and mental health support (NAMI).

If we can't help you find a meeting, we can at the very least provide you with online resources. We maintain a regularly updated page of videos and articles pertaining to recovery and mindfulness - already available for download or streaming.

Finding time to talk about anxiety, addiction and mental health in general is imperative to staying sage and sane on the road.  We at Passenger want to keep that dialogue open and evolving.

Below is a list of available meetings for Recovery from Compulsive Gambling. This list will be changing from time to time and the Name provided may not be the actual Meeting type as it varies.   For more information Please contact PGHR via email:

Affiliated Groups are groups, pages, organizations and individuals that Stand Tall Recovery Services has a working relationship with to help provide as many helpful resources as possible. Here you will find Information on those Affiliations and what they offer. Check here frequently to get updates. 

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Compulsive Gamblers Looking For Recovery Support and insights to overcome gambling urges

For Individuals Struggling with Toxic/ Abusive Relationships

The Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (MAPG) is a non-profit corporation recognized by the IRS with a 501(c)(3) charitable designation.  

We are an advocate for problem gamblers and their families and serve as the Michigan affiliate to the National Council on Problem Gambling(NCPG). MAPG is neutral on legalized gambling. Comprised of an extensive network of problem gambling trainer, clinicians,researchers and stakeholders from Michigan's gambling industry. MAPG's mission is to advocate for treatment, prevention, education, training, research and evaluation of pathological gamblers and their families. for more information visit MAPG on line.

​Numbers and information

Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline


National Council on Problem Gambling

National Helpline


Affiliated Groups And Pages

Problem Gambling Hope &Recovery

Problem Gambling Hope & Recovery is a community of compulsive Gamblers that communicate through a closed Group on Facebook.  The group has many free access resources and connects people with virtual meetings which are a developing fellowship that has members world wide. It is a place for hope and recovery as the name indicates. Several pages are associated with it including a Female only Group, a Relapse Awareness Prevention Group and so much more. Below are links to join each group:

PGHR   ​Problem Gambling Hope and Recovery is a safe place to work recovery from Problem Gambling.

​GROW ​ Gambling Recovery Of Women is a safe place for women to work recovery with other women.. 

RAP  Relapse Awareness Prevention is a page dedicated to daily thoughts and such for those in recovery from Compulsive Gambling.

​This page is not affiliated with GA But has great resources and was created by Chris N.

Why was this website created?

one long time member of Gamblers Anonymous had attempted to work the steps with several sponsees using existing GA literature as well as literature from another 12-Step program. Over time he began to feel that existing GA literature was limited. While there were GA workbooks available that focused on writing about the steps, there wasn't any literature that really explained the steps in a meaningful way.  Consequently he developed a guidebook entitled "Working the Twelve Steps of Gamblers Anonymous" that he felt addressed the limitations of the existing literature.

This website was created in order to distribute that guidebook to anyone at no charge who might find it helpful. In addition, member feedback is encouraged to share additional insights concerning the steps.

Stand Tall Recovery Services Statement:

It is with great enthusiasm that that this page is shared as it provides a wonderful resource and insight into Recovery. Below you will find several links to specific places on the page. It is my honor to have such information available.

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