Stand Tall Recovery Services

Stand Tall Recovery Services is a multimedia company created by Bernard Zeitler, author and public speaker on compulsive gambling and recovery. It was formed to promote awareness of addiction (Initially Compulsive Gambling and now addiction in general.

Bernard Zeitler uses his education as a Bachelors Level Social Worker, studies of world religions, psychology and Pre-seminary as the backdrop for what he does. This is what Stand Tall Recovery Services was born out of.

A Founder With A Vision!

I am a Recovering Compulsive Gambler who began my journey on November 21, 2007.  My chosen form of gambling was lottery tickets, which are sold at many retailers.  Until March 15, 2011, I sold those tickets as part of my job at a convenience store while working on my early recovery. As a result I developed ways to 'stay clean' while facing his addiction every day.

At the end of October 2007, I was on the verge of losing my job and spent 10 days in a Psychiatric Facility for Suicidal Depression as a result of my addiction.

As I worked through that and realized where it was coming from, I began looking for ways to help others.

This is the result of that.  Here You will find resources, both  free and for sale to help understand addiction and to work on recovery.

For Addicts And Others

​For Addicts:                                                                                              For Others:

An initial look at addiction 

Stand Tall Recovery is Committed To:


​On this site you will find information about all 50 states of the USA and DC in respect to gambling. You will find links to different types of meetings, books and material to help with the process.  Below are some of the ones authored by Bernard Zeitler.


To help those who have an addiction, their family and others to work toward recovery from ALL​ of the effects on them.

Now Available! Help in a Private Group On Facebook! Join The Group (Compulsive Gambling Recovery Help Connect) and have access to meetings and more!

Welcome To Stand Tall Recovery Services 

  1. Providing awareness of Compulsive Gambling Addiction specifically and Addiction overall.
  2. Creating and Sharing Materials to help with Recovery in General.
  3. Giving hope to Family, Friends, Employers, Addicts and Society as a whole.

Feed The Desire To Stay Clean With This Journal Working on The Principles Laid Out In The Previous Books.

The Compilation Of ALL 4 Prior Books With Some Adjustments. It Is The Cheapest Way To Get All 4 In One Place!!

A Continuation of Detox Process To Help Keep It Going

A Process For Detoxing

​Without Drugs.